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help replacing cars by bicycles and enjoy new cities, be part of history.

The 8rad is built to challenge our view on cities, space and transport. Its size refers to a parking lot and in traffic. It claims face-to-face the right to the street for bicycles. It's built on the opinion, that (electrical) mobility has to be thought from the point of view of a bicycle. Within cities, cars are way too big and too heavy in proportion to their supply. The 8rad sticks to the vision of cheap transport within clean, quite and safe cities inhabited by happier and healthier citizens. The shown plattform is the beginning of an experimental examination - new developements will be shown here soon.

The chassis of the 8rad is partially inspired by an open source project from n55 in collaboration with Till Wolfer. See xyzcargo

It's further based on ideas, inspiration, support and help from:

atomiczombie diy bikeparts
benjamin georg
cargobikefans berlin
einfälle statt abfälle
gunter from gartenfien
heavy duty concrete trucks
markus from/and pedalpower
marc&sandra from myelectricylce
my flatmates
my mother and father
my old ambulance
stefan from radkutsche
natalie heckl
sascha pölling
werner stiffel
and many many more!!!

'roadmap' built for parkingday in collaboration with max zürker and katrin rheingans